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  1. Stephen Skory

Makes clumps behave more like regular data containers.

Update 1: Added quantities to the unpickling process.

Comments (3)

  1. Britton Smith

    Hi Stephen, I'm looking into making the Clump class a subclass AMR3DData. I'm working on a test to see if doing this is as fast and memory conservative as your solution here. When running the clump finder, I'm running into issues inside the isBound function when it tries to access another quantity called MatterMass. MatterMass doesn't seem to be returning a single quantity, but something closer to a mass field. Do you know why this is a derived quantity and not a derived field? If not, I think I'll just change it.

  2. Britton Smith

    I've looked into making Clump a subclass of AMR3DData and it's not simple and after some more thought about it, it's not clear to me that it's even a good idea. I'm going to accept this.

  3. Stephen Skory author

    Britton, thank you for seeing if AMR3DData was a good idea or not. Also, sorry about this slow reply, I just got off a long (internet-less) train journey.