Turn data serialization off by default.

#558 Merged at f936432
  1. Nathan Goldbaum

Just now I was helping out a new enzo/yt user with a strange bug. After some time looking for a bug in their problem setup, I realized that the real issue was lingering .yt and .harrays files. I've personally been bitten by this on several occasions, wasting time before I remembered that I had forgotten to setup my .yt/config file. I think this behavior is very confusing and should only be enabled explicitly by a user who wants to repeatedly run an expensive calculation on the same dataset.

This change has been brought up on the dev list before: http://lists.spacepope.org/htdig.cgi/yt-dev-spacepope.org/2013-April/003029.html

The consensus at that point seemed to be that serialization is useful for certain use cases, but that it should be an opt-in thing. Once this change is pulled in, it will be straightforward to turn on serialization in your local copy of yt, either by explicitly turning it on in your .yt/config file or using the ytcfg object before importing from yt.mods.

Since there hasn't been much forward progress on this issue since that e-mail thread, I've gone ahead and opened this PR. If you object to this change, please comment below so we can have a discussion about this.

Comments (2)

  1. MattT

    I think this should be accepted. The wins outweigh the losses, it's an optional change, and we have notified affected individuals. I think it is fine to say that on Monday, unless we hear otherwise, this should be accepted.