Adding a YTEP-3000 for when we should move to yt-3.0 for development.

#29 Merged at 3ca7ba3
  1. MattT

This is a YTEP designed for discussion. It enumerates three classes of features for yt-3.0.

  • Necessary features for a release
  • Necessary features for developers to move
  • Necessary features for feature parity

I'd appreciate it if we could figure out what needs to move from item 3 to item 2, and I can then continue to focus efforts there to shore things up in preparation for yt 2.6's release.

UPDATE 1: Added responses to Britton

UPDATE 2: In preparation for to be accepted, I have removed the comments about cut_region and contour finding. Additionally, I have removed extract_region as I would like to simply remove it.

UPDATE 3: Responding to comments and updating.

Comments (5)

  1. chummels

    Just to confirm, this is basically a question of what must be accomplished before we release 2.6?

    1. MattT author

      No, not necessarily. These are blockers for releasing 3.0 and figuring out what else needs to happen before 3.0 is considered "production ready" for the devs.

  2. MattT author

    This YTEP will be updated in the very near future with a number of additional issues and problems that came up.

  3. MattT author

    Does anyone want to take a set of fresh eyes at this? Specifically, @chummels , @samskillman , @ngoldbaum , @jsoishi and @brittonsmith ? Now that we've all used 3.0, it might be worthwhile to tell me what I ought to do to update this thing.