This application is used to sync status from twitter to RenRen(
  running on Google App Engine.

1. First create a and change your credentials.


  renren_usr = 'Your RenRen Account'
  renren_passwd = 'Your RenRen Password'
  twitter_usr = 'Your Twitter Account'
  twitter_passwd = 'Your Twitter Password'

2.You may need  to modify the home page content in

3.You may need to modify the sync frequency in cron.yaml

4.Now the code has a problem: it will update a status from twitter though it
  has been updated to xiaonei before.

  So you should edit the

class sync:
    def GET(s):
        global cookie_buf
        #get timeline
        print 'get timeline'
        timeline = get_tweets(twitter_usr, twitter_passwd)
        if len(timeline) == 0:
            return 'no tweet to sync.'

        print 'print login2renren'
        #login to renren
        result = login2renren()
        cookie_buf = Cookie.SimpleCookie(result.headers.get('set-cookie', ''));
        callback_url = result.headers.get('location', 'xx');

        result = do_redirect(callback_url, cookie_buf)

        cookie_buf = Cookie.SimpleCookie(result.headers.get('set-cookie', ''))
        for tweet in timeline:
            if i==5:
            result = send_status(tweet, cookie_buf)
        return 'ok'

See here:
if i==5:
When first run this application, it will update so many status from twitter,
  so you can change the limitation here, may be just 1 or more than 10.

  This project actually I got from, thanks to his work.