Yuya Nishihara avatar Yuya Nishihara committed b9437dd

hgext: add option to shut down workers periodically

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     maxworkers = 2  # the number of the worker processes which run cmdserver
+    #maxrequests = n  # reload the worker after the specified num of requests
 If `maxworkers = 0`, it serves the worker functionality on the master process.
 This mode is only available for debugging purpose.
+`maxrequests = 1` may be useful if some extension changes global data and
+causes unexpected behavior.
-import errno, os, signal, socket, struct, tempfile
+import errno, itertools, os, signal, socket, struct, tempfile
 from mercurial import cmdutil, commands, commandserver, dispatch, error, \
                       extensions, i18n, scmutil, util
 from mercurial.i18n import _
         self._ui = ui
         self._sockpath = sockpath
         self._maxworkers = self._ui.configint('chg', 'maxworkers', 2)
+        self._maxrequests = self._ui.configint('chg', 'maxrequests')
     def init(self):
                     master = self._servemaster()
                 if not master:
-                    while True:
-                        self._serveworker()
+                    for n in itertools.count(1):
+                        self._serveworker(n)
             except (error.SignalInterrupt, KeyboardInterrupt):
                 if master:
-    def _serveworker(self):
+    def _serveworker(self, nreqs):
         conn, _addr = self._sock.accept()
-            self._ui.note('accepted connection (pid=%d)\n' % os.getpid())
+            self._ui.note('accepted connection (pid=%d, nreqs=%d)\n'
+                          % (os.getpid(), nreqs))
             fin = conn.makefile('rb')
             fout = conn.makefile('wb')
+        if nreqs == self._maxrequests:
+            raise TaintedWorkerError('served %d requests' % nreqs)
     def _runcmdserver(self, fin, fout):
         ui = self._workerui.copy()
         sv = chgcmdserver(self._ui, ui, nullrepo(ui), fin, fout,
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