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Filename Size Date modified Message
33 B
make: add rule to update ropemacs and ropemode
897 B
make: add rule to compile terminfo entry
1.8 KB script to convert bash/csh aliases
100 B
emacs: adjust window size
525 B
bash: splitted setting of ls --color to .bashrc.d/dircolors
220 B
csh: splitted dircolors to .cshrc.d
42 B
devscripts: added config.
12.1 KB
emacs: move set-face-attribute to after-make-frame-functions hook
560 B
flake8: silence E741, ambiguous 'l'
90 B
gdb: add minimal configuration
186 B
git: alias qdiff for diff of staging
290 B
gtk: simplify rule for Eclipse tab bar
98 B
gvim: set font family explicitly
49 B
hg: add .buildpath to .hgignore-eclipse
77 B
hg: add rule to ignore .clang_complete file
28 B
hg: add ignore file for gdb
3.8 KB
hg: move word-diff out of experimental
151 B
imported current user profile.
172 B
irb: enabled code completion by default.
656 B
less: converts character encoding by nkf if possible
279 B
sh: include patch name in vcprompt
112 B
mintty: initial configuration
1.3 KB
profile: remove rubygems path
10.3 KB
pylint: drop deprecated options
71 B
pypirc: import without password
486 B
screen: deleted unusable $Id$ replacement
1.7 KB
tidy: deleted unusable $Id$ replacement
1.5 KB
tmux: use xsel instead of xclip
171 B
tmux: disable current-bg color which isn't work well
418 B
vim: set indent-width for smart indentation
460 B
xsession: remove workaround for Qt + nvidia issue
39 B
xyzzy: minimal configuration for xyzzy
11 B
zsh: use .profile as .zprofile
116 B
zsh: set nullglob option in emacs to avoid glob failure
788 B
zsh: deduplicate history on lookup
1.2 KB
emacs: move ~/.emacs.d/site-lisp to ~/.emacs.d/lisp
636 B
hg: drop old styles
4.2 KB
install: fixed exception raised when bin/ directory not exists