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 {% extends "_tip.html" %}
-    title: Save Keystrokes
+    title: キータイプを減らそう
     author_name: Steve Losh
     author_link: http://stevelosh.com/
     created: 2009-10-30
 {% block excerpt %}
-Some of the things you can use for aliases might surprise you.
 {% endblock %}
 {% block tip %}
-If you use Mercurial's command line interface often, it's probably worth your
-time to add some aliases for the commands you use frequently.
+Mercurial のコマンドラインインターフェースをいつも使っているなら、
-One thing that you might not realize is that you're not limited to just
-letters when creating aliases -- pretty much anything that's not a shell
-metacharacter is fair game.
+あなたはきっと気づいていないと思います。 --
-Here are a few ideas to get you started ([edit your `~/.hgrc` file]({{
-links.tip_edit_hgrc }}) to use these):
+[`~/.hgrc` ファイルを編集]({{links.tip_edit_hgrc }})してください):
     cm = commit --message
     ,+ = , -l1000000000
-If you've got a favorite alias, post it in the comments!
 {% endblock %}
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