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 {% extends "_tip.html" %}
-    title: Creating Repositories Over SSH
+    title: SSH 経由でリポジトリを作る
     author_name: Steve Losh
     created: 2009-10-02
 {% block excerpt %}
-You don't need to log into the server to create a new repository, you can use
-`hg clone` to do it.
+`hg clone` が使えます。
 {% endblock %}
 {% block tip %}
-Let's say you've got a bunch of repositories on another computer somewhere,
-and you [use SSH to push and pull from them][ssh].
+[SSH で push と pull][ssh] しているとしましょう。
-What if you make a new repository locally and do some work, then want to
-create that repository on the server? The most common way is to log into the
-server and create an empty repository first:
+それからサーバー側にそのリポジトリを作成したいとしたら? 最も一般的な方法では、
     $ ssh yourserver
     $ cd path/to/repos
     $ logout
     $ hg push ssh://yourserver/path/to/repos/newrepos
-That works, but it's a lot of typing. Mercurial has a feature that will help
-you out: you can use `hg clone` to *create* a new repository over ssh:
+これでも構いませんが、ちょっとタイプしすぎですね。 Mercurial には便利な機能があります:
+`hg clone` は SSH 経由で新しいリポジトリを *作れる* んです:
     $ hg clone . ssh://yourserver/path/to/repos/newrepos
-**Note:** You'll still need to add the new path to `.hg/hgrc` manually.
+**注:** ただし、 `.hg/hgrc` に新しいパスを追加するのは手作業です。
 {% endblock %}