Yuya Nishihara avatar Yuya Nishihara committed 4abc8b7

Added Makefile to export svg images.

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+OBJS := Mercurial-QuickStart-v1.0-ja-120dpi.png Mercurial-QuickStart-v1.0-ja-300dpi.png \
+	Mercurial-QuickStart-v1.0-ja.pdf Mercurial-QuickStart-v1.0-ja-plain.svg
+all: $(OBJS)
+%-120dpi.png: %.svg
+	inkscape --export-png="$@" --export-dpi=120 --export-area-canvas "$<"
+%-300dpi.png: %.svg
+	inkscape --export-png="$@" --export-dpi=300 --export-area-canvas "$<"
+%.pdf: %.svg
+	inkscape --export-pdf="$@" --export-embed-fonts --export-area-canvas "$<"
+%-plain.svg: %.svg
+	inkscape --export-plain-svg="$@" --export-text-to-path --export-area-canvas "$<"
+	-rm $(OBJS)
+.PHONY: all clean
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