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Redmine Mercurial Overhaul

This patch series is no longer maintained. I think almost all features will be included in Redmine 1.2, thanks to Toshi.

It implements or fixes

  • Tag/branch support, #1981
  • File size issue, #3421
  • Node ID instead of revision number, #3724
  • Diff of changeset can be wrong if the previous changeset isn't the parent.
  • Changesets should be ordered by revision number instead of committed date. This happens to fix #3449, which is caused by wrong latest_changeset. In DVCS, the latest committed date does not mean the latest changeset.
  • Hgrc support, #6515, created by Alessio.


  • Some test cases may not work.
  • Some codes are badly implemented. I need to clean up them.
  • We can reduce bunch of database queries.

How to apply these patches

Try the snapshot release of Redmine with whole patches applied at:

% hg clone