Yuya Nishihara committed 0bb1674

workbench: apply selected url before running sync operation from toolbar

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         return True
+    def setSyncUrl(self, url):
+        """Change the current peer-repo url of the sync widget; url may be
+        a symbolic name defined in [paths] section"""
+        self.syncDemand.get().setUrl(url)
     def incoming(self):


                 self.urlCombo.addItem(a, (a, a))
+    def _syncUrlFor(self, op):
+        """Current URL alias for the given sync operation"""
+        index = {'incoming': 0, 'pull': 0, 'outgoing': 1, 'push': 1}[op]
+        data = self.urlCombo.itemData(self.urlCombo.currentIndex())
+        return data.toPyObject()[index]
     def _setupCustomTools(self, ui):
         tools, toollist = hglib.tortoisehgtools(ui,
         w = self.repoTabsWidget.currentWidget()
         if w:
             op = str(
+            w.setSyncUrl(self._syncUrlFor(op))
             getattr(w, op)()
     def serve(self):
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