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Yuya Nishihara  committed f52f9f2 Obsolete Draft

filectxactions: add accessor to look up QAction instance by name

It will be used by revdetails and filedialogs to build its own menu.

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         """List of the actions; The owner widget should register them"""
         return self._actions.values()
+    def action(self, name):
+        return self._actions[name]
     def createMenu(self, parent=None):
         """New menu for the current selection if available; otherwise None"""
         if self._curfd.isNull():
         contextmenu = QMenu(parent)
         for act in _actionsbytype[key]:
             if act:
-                contextmenu.addAction(self._actions[act])
+                contextmenu.addAction(self.action(act))
         return contextmenu