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Added '-t' option for the 'promote' action.

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 "@promote" : """
 Merge the workspace branch to destination branches. The destination branches,
 if omitted, will default to the trunk of the destination stream. The destination
-streams of basic streams are listed as follows:
+streams of the basic streams are listed as follows:
    stream          destination
  <feature>    <develop>
- <develop>    n/a
+ <develop>    <master>
  <release>    <develop> & <master>
  <hotfix>     <develop> & <master>
  <master>     n/a
  natural      stream-trunk
-{{{hg flow <stream> promote [<branch-full-name>...] [<option>...]}}}
+{{{hg flow <stream> promote [<destination-branch-full-name>...] [<option>...]}}}
 The workspace branch must be in <stream>. If the `-r` option is omitted, its
 value will default to the head of the workspace branch.
 -r --rev REV       Revision to promote to other branches.
 -m --message TEXT  Record TEXT as commit message when promote branch.
+-t --tag NAME      Tag the merging changeset with NAME
 -d --date DATE     Record the specified DATE as commit date.
 "list"    : ("closed",),
 "log"     : ("file", "date", "keyword", "patch", "git", "limit", "graph", "closed", "onstream",),
 "abort"   : ("erase", "message", "onstream",),
-"promote" : ("rev", "message", "date", "onstream",),
+"promote" : ("rev", "message", "tag", "date", "onstream",),
 "rebase"  : ("dest", "onstream",),
       ("e", "erase",     False, _("Erase branch after it is merged successfully or aborted. [finish, abort]"),     ),
       ("d", "date",      '',    _("Record the specified date as commit date. [start, finish, promote]"), _('DATE'),),
       ("m", "message",   '',    _("Record TEXT as commit message. [start, finish, promote, abort]"),     _('TEXT'),),
+      ("t", "tag",       '',    _("Tag the merging changeset with NAME. [promote]"),                     _('NAME'),),
       ("c", "closed",    False, _("Show normal and closed branches in stream. [list, log]"),                       ),
       ("F", "file",      [],    _("File to show history of. [log]"),                                     _('FILE'),),
       ("d", "date",      '',    _("Show revisions matching date spec. [log]"),                           _('DATE'),),