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Yujie Wu  committed 4177dfd

Adjusted online help messages for `--user` option.

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         opts = self._filter_common_options( where, cmd )
         opts.update( kwarg )
         kwarg = opts
         for key, value in kwarg.items() :
             if (value is None) :
     # Supresses bookmarks, otherwise if the name of a bookmark happens to be the same as a named branch, hg will use the
     # bookmark's revision.
     repo._bookmarks = {}
     flow = Flow( ui, repo, cmd in ["init", "upgrade",] )
     func = {
         "init"     : flow.init,
-"init"    : ("force",),
-"start"   : ("rev", "message", "date", "dirty",),
-"finish"  : ("commit", "message", "date", "erase", "onstream",),
+"init"    : ("force", "user",),
+"start"   : ("rev", "message", "date", "user", "dirty",),
+"finish"  : ("commit", "message", "date", "user", "erase", "onstream",),
 "list"    : ("closed",),
-"log"     : ("file", "date", "keyword", "patch", "git", "limit", "graph", "closed", "onstream",),
+"log"     : ("file", "date", "user", "keyword", "patch", "git", "limit", "graph", "closed", "onstream",),
 "abort"   : ("erase", "message", "onstream",),
-"promote" : ("rev", "message", "tag", "date", "onstream",),
+"promote" : ("rev", "message", "tag", "date", "user", "onstream",),
 "rebase"  : ("dest", "onstream",),
                 else :
                     ret[e] = not default_value
-    bad_opt = [e for e in     opt if (e not in (["history", "dry_run", "user"] + ret.keys()) and opt[e]) ]
+    bad_opt = [e for e in     opt if (e not in (["history", "dry_run"] + ret.keys()) and opt[e])]
     bad_opt = [e for e in bad_opt if (e in sys.argv) or (OPT_CONFLICT.get( e, [0,] )[0] not in rec_short)]
     if (bad_opt) :
      [("",  "history",   False, _("Print history of hg commands used in this workflow."),                          ),
       ("",  "dry-run",   None,  _("Do not perform actions, just print history."),                                  ),
-      ("u", "user",      '',    _("Use specified user instead of default user wherever valid."),         _('USER'),),
       ("f", "force",     False, _("Force reinitializing flow. [init]"),                                            ),
       ("r", "rev",       '',    _("Revision to start a new branch from. [start]"),                       _('REV'), ),
       ("",  "dirty",     False, _("Start a new branch from a dirty workspace, and move all"
       ("c", "commit",    False, _("Commit changes before closing the branch. [finish]"),                           ),
       ("e", "erase",     False, _("Erase branch after it is merged successfully or aborted. [finish, abort]"),     ),
       ("d", "date",      '',    _("Record the specified date as commit date. [start, finish, promote]"), _('DATE'),),
+      ("u", "user",      '',    _("Use specified user. [init, start, finish, log, promote]"),            _('USER'),),
       ("m", "message",   '',    _("Record TEXT as commit message. [start, finish, promote, abort]"),     _('TEXT'),),
       ("t", "tag",       '',    _("Tag the merging changeset with NAME. [promote]"),                     _('NAME'),),
       ("c", "closed",    False, _("Show normal and closed branches in stream. [list, log]"),                       ),