Yujie Wu  committed c8e0346

Improved clarity of help message for the --erase option.

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       ("d", "date",      '',    _("Record the specified date as commit date. [start, finish, promote]"), _('DATE'),),
       ("d", "date",      '',    _("Show revisions matching date spec. [log]"),                           _('DATE'),),
       ("d", "dest",      '',    _("Destination changeset of rebasing. [rebase]"),                        _('REV' ),),
-      ("e", "erase",     False, _("Erase branch after it is merged successfully or aborted. [finish, abort]"),     ),
+      ("e", "erase",     False, _("Erase branch after it is merged or aborted successfully. [finish, abort]"),     ),
       ("F", "file",      [],    _("File to show history of. [log]"),                                     _('FILE'),),
       ("f", "force",     False, _("Force reinitializing flow. [init]"),                                            ),
       ("g", "git",       False, _("Use git extended diff format to show patch. [log]"),                            ),