`hg flow feature finish` Should display a warning if users have uncommitted changes

David Ipsen avatarDavid Ipsen created an issue

I am suggesting that the feature/release finish command in hgflow warns users before committing any changes that they have.

It is unlikely that users would want to commit these changes before the finish operation is completed, and this could lead to users erroneously committing changes that they did not mean to include in the merged result (as was the case for me).

If required, feature/release finish with a -f could force the release?

Comments (6)

  1. Yujie Wu

    I agree with you. The behavior is due to a bug, not by design. We shouldn't finish a branch if it is still dirty (IOW, having uncommitted changes). If the changes are meant to be committed, user can use hg flow <stream> finish -c, where the -c option will let hgflow commit the changes before finishing the branch.

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