Fully generic streams?

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Matt Oswald
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Right now (as far as I can tell), I can't add any other streams to the .flow file, however I don't see any reason why that should be a limitation. If I were to add {{{QA = QA}}} to .flow, then {{{hg flow QA}}} should work as expected.

Incidentally, right now if I add {{{QA = QA}}}, hgflow //almost// works:

{{{ ~/projects/temp/ on develop

hg flow QA flow: Open <QA> branches: flow: QA

~/projects/temp/ on develop


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  1. Yujie Wu repo owner

    I have thought of something like this, but I was unsure how useful it would be. I am glad you request it. To define a custom stream, user also needs to specify its source (where branches in the custom stream are started from) and destin's (where to merge when branches in the custom stream are finished). There will be a considerable amount of code change to do it right.

  2. RH Becker
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    sorry, testing bitbucket's new card app ... didn't realize a simple drag and drop was going to affect an issue on your repo. restoring status to previous state now.

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