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Issue #36 resolved

Changes not unshelved after finishing a feature

Jon Eby
created an issue

Found in: 0.9.6 branch

While shelving and unshelving when going between 2 open branches (e.g. "hg flow feature/shiny-new-feature" from develop and "hg flow develop" from shiny-new-feature) work fine, unshelving doesn't seem to be working correctly when finishing a branch.

For example after the following workflow, newFile1.txt will not be unshelved:

(starting in the develop branch, after having created newFile1.txt)

hg add newFile1.txt
hg flow feature start shiny-new-feature
<create newFile2.txt>
hg add newFile2.txt
hg flow feature finish

At this point newFile1.txt will be missing from develop.

Manually unshelving using the following hg commands works:

hg update develop
hg import --no-commit --strip 1 /Users/jeby/Workspace/Kiln/TestFlow/.hg/patches/flow/develop.pch
hg qdelete flow/develop.pch

Comments (4)

  1. Yujie Wu repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Just in case you haven't known: There's a hg flow command you can use:

    hg flow unshelve

    to unshelve the previously-shelved changes of the current branch whenever automatic unshelving fails for whatever reason.

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