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denis ramic
created an issue

Hello, I have a question regarding hooks and flow:

Is is possible to write custom hooks that integrate into flow workflow?

Like for example:

Am I able to create a custom hook after feature close before merge to develop with the current version?

In detail (why this question): I would like to start some tool to lint and test the code from the feature before it even can land on develop

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  1. denis ramic reporter

    Do you think this could become part of the flow extension?

    Probably new properties in hgrc/mercurial.ini like

    hook_before_feature_close = some exe/bat call (if return is 0 then operation is aborted)
    hook_before_release_close = some exe/bat call (if return is 0 then operation is aborted)
  2. Yujie Wu repo owner

    Yeah, it could be.
    Meanwhile, for your purposes, I think you utilize the builtin pre-<command> hook. For example, add this in your mercurial.ini file:

    pre-flow = "flow_hook.py"

    and you have to implement the "flow_hook.py" yourself. The document for pre-<command> is below:


    Run before executing the associated command. The contents of the command line are passed
    as "$HG_ARGS". Parsed command line arguments are passed as "$HG_PATS" and "$HG_OPTS".
    These contain string representations of the data internally passed to . "$HG_OPTS" is a dictionary
    of options (with unspecified options set to their defaults). "$HG_PATS" is a list of arguments. If the
    hook returns failure, the command doesn't execute and Mercurial returns the failure code.

    The flow_hook.py has to do a little bit parsing to know the command is a feature close or what.

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