Failed to import extension with Mercurial 4.7

Issue #97 resolved
Sebastian Schawohl
created an issue

Hi, The extension doesn't load anymore with Mercurial 4.7 and output this error

*** failed to import extension hgext.flow from ~/.hgrc.d/extensions/hgflow/src/ 'module' object has no attribute 'command'

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  1. ewew ukek

    What I've found so far:

    L124: cmdutil.command - was a mere alias for registrar.command

    L845: repo[rev] - no longer accepts branch names, only changeset id. but I've been able to obtain it via:

    if rev: rev = repo.branchmap()[rev][-1] # branch head with highest revision number

    L2397: repo._bookmarks.clear() - method doesn't exists anymore. not sure how to fix this

    I'll be glad if this will be of little help (I'm not a Python guy)

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