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Adding support for --defaults option for init command

  1. Darin Creason

I would like to use hgflow in an automated fashion (a al batch script) but ran into an issue when the init command prompts for the branch names. I thought perhaps adding a --defaults option to the init command would be useful for me and perhaps others.

This is my first time doing a fork/pull so please gently instruct me if I screwed anything up.

Comments (1)

  1. Yujie Wu repo owner

    Thanks for the quick contribution. Yes, I myself encountered the same need ~2 weeks ago. :-) And I have already implemented it. Check out the tip of the hotfix/0.9.6 branch, and you will see. Your enhancement is not based on the latest commit for some reason.

    BTW, it seems you deleted a lot of trailing spaces in the code (probably by your editor automatically). I like it, but it screws up the diff: it is hard to see your real change in code (at least on the browser).