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+      "# Exchanging notes with iPython notebook and BitBucket\n",
+      "\n",
+      "iPython notebook is a very convenient tool for [writing notes with mathematical contents](  By embedding LaTeX expressions into [the Markdown cells of iPython notebooks](, we use a little bit more efforts than writing on the paper to show the equations on screen.  There is only one problem: how can we show it to people who are not watching my screen?  The answer is and BitBucket.\n",
+      "\n",
+      "[BitBucket]( is an online service for hosting Mercurial repository.  [Mercurial]( is a source code management (SCM) tool.  We can register a BitBucket account for free, and use Mercurial to publicize the iPython notebook online.  For example, I wrote a note in my computer, and synchronize it to  Atlassian, the company behind BitBucket, also made a GUI application [SourceTree]( to help the synchronization.\n",
+      "\n",
+      "After the synchronization, visit  The nbviewer service can render any iPython notebook file available online!  All you need to do is to go to your repository at BitBucket, find the \"raw\" link to your file (e.g., you can do that by clicking the \"Raw\" button at the right side of the top banner of the file listing).  Paste the raw link you got to the text field, and will take you to the rendered notebook, like:!"
+     ]
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