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improve column addition

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 SQL.TableManager.prototype.addRow = function(e) {
-	var newrow = this.selection[0].addRow(this.selection[0].getTitle());
+	var title = this.selection[0].getTitle();
+	if (title.length) {
+		title = title[0].toLowerCase() + title.substring(1);
+	}
+	var newrow = this.selection[0].addRow(title);
 SQL.RowManager.prototype.press = function(e) {
 	if (!this.selected) { return; }
+	if (e.defaultPrevented) { return; };
 	var target = OZ.Event.target(e).nodeName.toLowerCase();
 	if (target == "textarea" || target == "input") { return; } /* not when in form field */
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