Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
issue 135 - swedish localization, thanks to Kalle Nemus
version; support for visible datatypes; vml removed; rounded corners
delete key inactive in form fields, closes issue 130
coldfusion backend, closes issue 129, thanks to halfFAST
bugfix in mysql null timestamps - thanks to Vincent Volpi
issue #114 - option to show field size in table
issue 120, touch devices
closes issue 122, comment in title
issue 116, arabic translation
issue 121
closes issue #98
pgsql enhancements, thanks to Filip Rembialkowski
CUBRID support, thanks to Catalin Ciobanu
fixed bug with hidden non-redrawing connectors
fixed issue #112
pt_br translation, thanks to Thomas de Oliveira dos Reis
various improvements
#92 beforeunload prevention
#95, changed data column size
fixed zh locale
chinese locale, thanks to jobinson
#90 formatting fix
#90 multifield sqlite PKs; sqlite FKs; bugfix in css class 'key'
#91 sqlite xsl fix
#88 toolbar hiding
css + config fixes
better IE shadow
automatic area expansion, #89
updated Italian locale, thanks to Loris Tissino
#85 max. 60 chars for comment in mysql xslt
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