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Kay Framework

What's this

Kay is a web framework completely specialising on Google App
Engine. But basic design is based on the Django framework, like
middleware, settings and pluggable application, etc. Kay uses Werkzeug
as lower level framework, uses Jinja2 as template engine, uses babel
for handling language translations. This software is distributed under
BSD license. See LICENSE for the details.

The software that Kay bundles
* babel
* jinja2
* simplejson
* werkzeug
* pytz

* Google App Engine SDK

  If you installed zip version of the SDK(most unix style operation
  system users are so), don't forget to create a symlink pointed to
  the real SDK at /usr/local/google_appengine.
.. code-block:: bash

   $ sudo ln -s /some/whare/google_appengine /usr/local/google_appengine    


* quickstart

* URL Mapping

* Form manual

* i18n

* Management script

* Using Authentication

Online documentation

* English

* Japanese

Questions and Bug Report

* Please visit Kay framework google group.
* Or, contact the project leader directly.
  Takashi Matsuo <>

* Code site

Have fun!

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