woocode / sa-auto / sh / msj /

# use me when db_pass needs to be changed.


read -p "Please offer me new DB PASSWD:" db_pass_new

# Config files: db.csv fcgi_config.lua mall_config.lua email_config.lua sn_config.lua

echo -n "Dealing with db.csv ..."
sed -i "2s/[^,]*,/${db_pass_new},/4" db.csv
echo "Done!"

echo -n "Dealing with fcgi_config.lua ..."
sed -i "/passwd/s/\".*\"/\"${db_pass_new}\"/" fcgi_config.lua
echo "Done!"

CONF_FILES="mall_config.lua email_config.lua sn_config.lua"
echo -n "Dealing with ${CONF_FILES} ..."
for f in  ${CONF_FILES};do
	sed -i "/DB_PASS/s/\".*\"/\"${db_pass_new}\"/" $f
echo "Done!"

cd -
exit 0
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