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A python module to create (interpolate and extrapolate) abundance functions and also provide fiducial deconvolution (with Peter Behroozi's implementation) and abundance matching.


pip install AbundanceMatching


Here's an example to do abundance matching with this code.

#Assume you have a numpy structured array `halos`, 
#which contains a list of halos, with labels of the quantity names.
#Assume you also have a luminosity function table `lf`, 
#whose first column st column is the quantity to match (e.g. magnitude), 
#and the second column is the abundance (per Mpc^3 per Mag).
except NameError:
    xrange = range
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from AbundanceMatching import *
af = AbundanceFunction(lf[:,0], lf[:,1], (-27, -5))

#check the abundance function
plt.semilogy(lf[:,0], lf[:,1])
x = np.linspace(-27, -5, 101)
plt.semilogy(x, af(x))

#deconvolution and check results (it's a good idea to always check this)
scatter = 0.2
remainder = af.deconvolute(scatter*LF_SCATTER_MULT, 20)
x, nd = af.get_number_density_table()
plt.plot(x, remainder/nd);

#get number densities of the halo catalog
nd_halos = calc_number_densities(halos['vpeak'], box_size)

#do abundance matching with no scatter
catalog = af.match(nd_halos)

#do abundance matching with some scatter
catalog_sc = af.match(nd_halos, scatter*LF_SCATTER_MULT)

#if you want to do multiple (100) realizations:
catalog_deconv = af.match(nd_halos, scatter*LF_SCATTER_MULT, False)
for __ in xrange(100):
    catalog_this = add_scatter(catalog_deconv, scatter*LF_SCATTER_MULT)
    catalog_this = rematch(catalog_this, catalog, af._x_flipped)
    # do something with catalog_this