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Gallery Manager usage instructions


  1. Checkout source code to your project, for example to ext.galleryManager.
  2. Install and configure image component(
  3. Import gallery models to project, by adding "ext.galleryManager.models.*" to import in config/main.php
  4. Add GalleryController to application or module controllerMap.
  5. Configure and save gallery model

    $gallery = new Gallery();
    $gallery->name = true;
    $gallery->description = true;
    $gallery->versions = array(
        'small' => array(
            'resize' => array(200, null),
        'medium' => array(
            'resize' => array(800, null),
  6. Render widget for gallery created above:

    $this->widget('GalleryManager', array(
        'gallery' => $gallery,
        'controllerRoute' => '/admin/gallery', //route to gallery controller

Using GalleryBehavior

Using gallery behavior is possible to add gallery to any model in application.

To use GalleryBehavior:

  1. Add it to your model:

    public function behaviors()
        return array(
            'galleryBehavior' => array(
                'class' => 'GalleryBehavior',
                'idAttribute' => 'gallery_id',
                'versions' => array(
                    'small' => array(
                        'centeredpreview' => array(98, 98),
                    'medium' => array(
                        'resize' => array(800, null),
                'name' => true,
                'description' => true,
  2. Add gallery widget to your view:

    <h2>Product galley</h2>
    if ($model->galleryBehavior->getGallery() === null) {
        echo '<p>Before add photos to product gallery, you need to save product</p>';
    } else {
        $this->widget('GalleryManager', array(
            'gallery' => $model->galleryBehavior->getGallery(),
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