yii-chosen /

Chosen usage instructions

  1. Checkout source code to your project, for example to ext.chosen.
  2. Use it, as any input widget.


    'name' => 'inputName', // input name
    'value' => '2', // selection
    'data' => array( // list of select options
        '1'=>'Option 1',
        '2'=>'Option 2',
        '3'=>'Option 3',
        '4'=>'Option 4',

Also you can use it like CHtml helper

Before this import ext.chosen.Chosen, you can add it to config/main.php or call Yii::import('ext.chosen.Chosen') before usage.

Chosen::dropDownList($name, $select, $data, $htmlOptions);
Chosen::activeDropDownList($model, $attribute, $data, $htmlOptions);
Chosen::multiSelect($name, $select, $data, $htmlOptions);
Chosen::activeMultiSelect($model, $attribute, $data, $htmlOptions);
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