Bogdan Savluk avatar Bogdan Savluk committed dca5c65

Replaced "0+text" expression by parseFloat(), added check for NaN value.

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             //todo: save this in coockies
             var zoom = settings.edit_zoom; // town level
-            var coord_lat, coord_long;
+            var coord_lat = 0, coord_long = 0;
             // try to load coords from inputs
+            var v;
             if ($(settings.long_selector, window.parent.document).length) {
-                coord_long = 0 + $(settings.long_selector, window.parent.document).attr('value');
+                v = parseFloat($(settings.long_selector, window.parent.document).attr('value'));
+                if (v != NaN) coord_long = v;
             if ($(settings.lat_selector, window.parent.document).length) {
-                coord_lat = 0 + $(settings.lat_selector, window.parent.document).attr('value');
+                v = parseFloat($(settings.lat_selector, window.parent.document).attr('value'));
+                if (v != NaN) coord_lat = v;
             // Kyiv Coords
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