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Tree Visualization API / Operator.js


There are two types of operators: creation operators and modification operators. In combination, the scope of an operator (a tuple's shape or data element) and the type of an operator (creation or modification) yield four different kinds of operators:

  • Data creation
  • Shape creation
  • Data modification
  • Shape modification

Following table shows which types of operators are applicable at each stage and give some examples for them. Figure: Operator and their applicable stages

List of implemented operators. Please click the link for details.

orderSorts/Shuffles siblings nodes based on structure or attribute based property of nodes.
translateMoves a shape
scaleScale/Resize a shape
rotateRotates a shape around its own center.
reshapeTransforms one shape into a different one by performing an embedding.
slicePerforms a slicing subdivision as in the Slice&Dice layout
squarifyPerforms a squarified subdivision as in the Squarified Treemap.
stripPerforms a strip subdivision as in the Strip Treemap layout.
fillFills a shape with a given colour/color from a palette.
setStrokeWidthSets the stroke width of edges and node shapes.
setStrokeColorAssigns a line a colour or a colour from palette.
connectToAssigns the anchor point to connect with explicit edges.