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Zadirion's CEGUI Font Exporter for Font Studio / Home

Tested with CEGUI 0.7 and FontStudio 4.2

Export CEGUI .font files.


  • we assume you already have a compatible version of CEGUI
  • Since the original FontStudio 4.2 website is down and the author can't be reached in any way, you can find a FontStudio 4.2 available for download in the Downloads section
  • download the precompiled plugin from the Downloads section
  • place this plugin in FontStudio's Plugins folder
  • in FontStudio export .font, .png and .imageset using the CEGUI exporter that comes with FontStudio. The .font file that's generated by the plugin has bad HorzAdvance values, so it's useless
  • export the .font and .imageset files using this exporter, overwriting the ones generated by the previous step

Release notes 1.2

  • Fixed glyphs in certain larger fonts with a large border sometimes overlap
  • Plugin now exports .imageset file too


Zadirion's CEGUI Font Exporter for Font Studio