Shadow's Dawn

Entry in Pyggy #1  <>
Team: zK-P1
Members: ServalKatze, Zahmkoses


You might need to install some of these before running the game:


The game was created using directicus, but luckily directicus is shipped with the game. Service! ;)

Double-click the kiralia.exe if you have the windows binary.

Just run the if you have the source version.

This game normally runs in full-screen. To run this game in windowed mode, please change following
line in the file gamelib\

"e.fullscreen = True"  to "e.fullscreen = False"

You can only do that if you use the source version. Sorry for the inconvenience. ;)

# Please refer to the game intro for the full story.

Seven Centuries ago Felimon, Lord of the Shadows, was banned from Kiralia and trapped in the Sphere of
Chaos. The portal to this sphere is located in a magically enforced chest, tightly wrapped up in more
magically enforced string - all just to make sure that Felimon will never ever sets a claw on the surface
of Kiralia.

But some days ago, the magical string was destroyed into several pieces, considerabily weaking the lock
on the chest, making it even possible for Felimon to escape if he notices it in time. Only one piece of
the magical string was found nearby the open chest and the Order chosed you to retrieve the other pieces.
It is known that those pieces will set themselves together if piled on each other, enabling the Order to
retain the once powerfull lock as soon as all pieces of the magical string are back in the Orders hand.

But you have to hurry - every day that passes increases the possibility that Felimon will sense the
weakness of his prison and might try to leave it...

This game is keyboard only.

For a list of available commands you can always check the right lower (context-sensitive! :D) box on
the screen, displaying your current possibilities.

World/Dungeon Map:
- To move your character around on the map use the <Arrow Keys>.
- <Return> can be used to enter villages or towns (e.g. Access shops in the current version)
- You can use <TAB> to cycle between the three character images as you like.
- <I> is used to access the Inventory
- <S> is used to access the Spellbook
- <ESC> ends the current game and moves you back to the title screen
- <F12> Saves the game - you can only have one save game at any given time

City/Village Menu:
- Use the <Arrow Keys> to scroll through the current active list
# Please note that the Buy/Sell list are and can be longer than they are displayed - Unfortunately,
an indicator for this is missing at this time, but by just continuously scrolling down/up you can reach
other pages of longer lists.
- Use <Return> to open the selected list [in case of "Buy"/"Sell"] or to "Buy"/"Sell" the currently
selected item.
- Use <ESC> to go one step back in the current selection or leave the City/Village Menu.

- Use the <Arrow Keys> to scroll through the active item list or - after an item was selected - to select
the character the current item should be applied on
# Please note that the same issue with the item list in cities also do apply here - there could be more
items available than visible, so just scroll down/up the list to flip to another inventory-page.
- Use <Return> to select an item or a confirm the usage of an item on a selected character
- Use <ESC> to cancel the current item-selection or to leave the inventory
- Use <I> to leave the inventory at any given time.

Battle Screen:
- Use the <Arrow Keys> to browse through the available actions or to select a target or item.
- Use <Return> to confirm a selection.
- Use <ESC> to go one step back in the current selection
# Please note that "Run" does not work against some encounters [Bosses and Chests - but you did not plan
to run from chests anyway, right?]
# Yeah, you are actually beating those chests open - You do not have the keys and no Thiefs are recruited
or trained by the Order... So if you want to get the insides of a chest, you have to "break" the lock...
on the "Rising Sun"-Way..

- The first few levels Rafael's only useful purpose would be those of a buffer - actually, you should
really concentrate on using him only for magic - it's what he was trained for after all.
- For an easier start, do not go west at the beginning - the way is rather short and it is likely, that
you will not obtain enough EXP to get the essential level or two, to survive the following bigger fights
- Buffing the vitality of Rafael is always a good idea - especially at the beginning.
- Always keep an eye on your party's status [HP, MP, Conditions], death can come quie quickly for those
not paying attention.
- No, the monsters are not "too strong" - they are just quite challenging at the beginning. After the first
boss-fight (and getting out of the castle alive) following boss-fights are really easy.
- Don't save on your MPs! - A level up refills your HPs and MPs, and you are leveling up quite fast. So no
reason to hold on those 100 left MPs.

This game is licensed under GPLv2, just like the directicus library