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 		textCancel: 'Cancel',		//title in cancel button
 		textErr: 'Location not found',	//error message
 		position: 'topleft',
+		searchAppend: null //allows for assisting in search params.
 		//TODO add option collapsed, like control.layers
 			var fdata = that._filterJSON.apply(that,[data]);//_filterJSON defined in inizialize...
+		if (this.options.searchAppend) {
+			text = text + ' ' + this.options.searchAppend;
+		}
 		var script = L.DomUtil.create('script','search-jsonp', document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0] ),			
 			url = L.Util.template(this.options.url+'&'+this.options.jsonpParam+'=L.Control.Search.callJsonp', {s: text}); //parsing url
 			//rnd = '&_='+Math.floor(Math.random()*10000);
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