Moved to Git repository https://bitbucket.org/zalew/django-flickr please follow/fork the new one.

Old Mercurial repository temporarily kept at https://bitbucket.org/zalew/django-flickr-hg-old and no longer maintained.


Django-Flickr provides a mechanism to mirror user’s Flickr photos into a Django project.


Docs & how-to



Release log


Breaking release fixing issue #6

Focus of this redesign was to increase performance of syncing by reducing the number of api calls and syncing only the basic photo data by default. Hopefully upcomming updates will be focused on feature development.

  • revamped Photo model. different way of accessing image sizes (see docs). need to apply migrations
  • more efficient syncing
  • simplified flickr_sync command options, smarter default behaviors
  • syncing sizes and exif is now optional
  • added FlickrUser ispro status
  • option to choose size for flickr_download
  • admin thumbnails


  • docs


  • flickr_download - downloading images to media folder


  • collections
  • flickr_page_url for models


  • fix issue #7


  • methods to get next/previous photo in a given photoset
  • bugfix: accidental overriding last_sync


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