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Jakub Zalewski
Squashed commit of the following: commit cd0b4320b695de4b99c6b0a5e7e6551ad5cd749f Author: Jakub Zalewski <zalew7@gmail.com> Date: Sun Sep 23 16:52:41 2012 +0200 new functionality readme commit 54c2cc979191188c3613770a408059cbe3fc2e5e Author: Jakub Zalewski <zalew7@gmail.com> Date: Sun Sep 23 16:47:00 2012 +0200 autodiscover all templates except starting with _ commit 41db990763178a836531745c036541be56bc357a Author:…
Ceasar Bautista
add rationale to README
Ceasar Bautista
Add requirements file Also linkify jinja2 for newbies.
Ceasar Bautista
Improve documentation
Ceasar Bautista
Add compiler and example template
Ceasar Bautista
Initial commit