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+* Version 1.3.5
+	* **Issues Fixed**
+		* Fixed error where selecting "Display Text: no" in theme header options would still display the 50% opacity #titltedesc div.
 * Version 1.3.4
 	* **Issues Fixed**
 		* Fixed CSS selector specificity oversight that caused active menu items to appear "invisible" in default `ng.css` styling. 
 	* Initial release
+* Version 1.3.4
+	* <del>Blanking header text via theme admin settings doesn't blank the 50% transparency div in the default style</del>
 * Version 1.3.3
 	* <del>Incorrect specificity in CSS selectors makes active menu item "invisible" in default `ng.css` styling</del>
 * Version 1.3.2
  * Author URI:
  * License: GPL v2
  * License URI:
- * Version: 1.3.4
+ * Version: 1.3.5
  * Tags: buddypress, two-columns, three-columns, one-column, left-sidebar, right-sidebar, white, blue, fixed-width, flexible-width, custom-header, custom-menu, featured-images, sticky-post, theme-options
  * Elbee Elgee WordPress Theme, Copyright (C) 2011 Doug Stewart
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