Doug Stewart avatar Doug Stewart committed 2affaf8

Additions for making archives.php not look polly-wolly-crappy.

Still more work to do, however.

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 <?php get_header(); ?>
-<div id="wrapper">
-	<div id="content">
-	<h2>Archives<br />By Date</h2>
-	<?php arl_subtraction_archives_posts(); ?>
+<div id="archive-wrapper">
+	<div id="archive-posts">
+		<h2>Archives<br />By Date</h2>
+		<?php arl_subtraction_archives_posts(); ?>
-<div id="navigation">
+<div id="archive-categories">
 	<h2>Archives<br />By Category</h2>
 	<?php arl_subtraction_archives_categories(); ?>
-<div id="extra">
-	&nbsp;
 <?php get_footer(); ?>
 	padding-right: 10px;
+#archive-wrapper {
+	float:left;
+	width:100%;
+	margin-left:-49%
+	margin-left: 44%;
+	padding-left: 5%;
+	float: right;
+	width: 44%;
+	padding-right: 5%;
+	text-align: right;
 #footerleft {
 	width: 45%;
 	margin: 0 auto;
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