Doug Stewart avatar Doug Stewart committed 384e9af

Did I... did I just actually fix a bug that's been in here for AGES?


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 	// Check to see whether we've been installed previously
 	$lblg_stored_options = get_option( $lblg_shortname . '_theme_options' );
 	// Pull the default options from the parent-options.php and, optionally, the
 	// child-options.php file, if we're running as a child theme.
 	$lblg_default_options = lblg_get_default_options();
 	$lblg_defaults = lblg_get_options_from_defaults( $lblg_default_options );
 	if( ( false === $lblg_stored_options ) || ( '' == $lblg_stored_options ) ){
 		// We haven't been installed yet.
 		$lblg_options = $lblg_defaults;
-	} elseif( (version_compare( $lblg_version, $lblg_stored_options['version'], '!=' )) || (count($lblg_stored_options) != count($lblg_default_options))) {
+	} elseif( (version_compare( $lblg_version, $lblg_stored_options['version'], '!=' )) || (count($lblg_stored_options) != count($lblg_defaults))) {
 		// New version of the options have been detected. Let's reload.
-		$lblg_options = $lblg_stored_options + $lblg_default_options;
+		$lblg_options = $lblg_stored_options + $lblg_defaults;
 	} else {
 		// We've previously been installed and the version number
 		// hasn't changed. Assume no change and act accordingly.
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