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 Elbee Elgee supports use of the [BuddyPress](<http://buddypress.org>) social media framework out of the box. Support for BP has gotten better with further testing from willing end-users. If you have a bug that you run into while using BuddyPress, *please* let me know so that I can correct it.
+As of version 1.4, only BuddyPress 1.7 and newer will be supported due to a change in the way BP-specific templates are handled.
 #### Theme Options Page ####
 I have planned Elbee Elgee to be a flexible parent theme from the very early stages. One of the coolest features (in my opinion) is its ability to auto-load theme options from either the parent theme *or* child themes. This primarily takes place in `includes/functions/options.php` and allows for an arbitrary number of theme options to be set and configured by end users.
 * General code clean-up/optimization.
 * Better documentation.
 * "Responsive" design
+* [Theme Hook Alliance](http://github.com/zamoose/themehookalliance) integration
 * <del>Fully-integrated bbPress support.</del> Added in 1.1.
 * <del>Editor styling (particularly important after WP 3.2's addition of Distraction-Free Writing [DFW])</del> Added in 1.2.
 	* **Features Added**
 		* Switched from outdated YUI CSS reset code to [Normalize.css](http://necolas.github.com/normalize.css/)
+		* Explicit support for BuddyPress (a necessity as of BP 1.7+)
 * Version 1.3.8
 	* **Issues Fixed**
 		* BuddyPress JavaScript has been fixed for BP version >= 1.6