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CSS fixes for menus. Should fix #5 and #6.

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+* Version 1.3.7
+	* **Issues Fixed**
+		*Top-level drop-downs should now be styled correctly and consistently
+		* Custom menus added as widgets should no longer get styling from top-level menus
 * Version 1.3.6
 	* **Features Added**
 		* Greater CSS flexibility (selectors aren't as specific, allowing for easier child theming)
 	* Initial release
+* Versopm 1.3.6
+	* <del>Drop-down primary menu CSS is overlapping incorrectly[*](</del>
+	* <del>"Greedy" CSS selectors causing menus added as custom widgets to get incorrect styling[*](</del>
 * Version 1.3.5
 	* [BP GTM System]( is incompatible with Elbee Elgee
 	* <del>BuddyPress Groups widget AJAX doesn't work -- full page reload caused by clicks</del>
  * Author URI:
  * License: GPL v2
  * License URI:
- * Version: 1.3.6
+ * Version: 1.3.7
  * Tags: buddypress, two-columns, three-columns, one-column, left-sidebar, right-sidebar, white, blue, fixed-width, flexible-width, custom-header, custom-menu, featured-images, sticky-post, theme-options
  * Elbee Elgee WordPress Theme, Copyright (C) 2011 Doug Stewart
 	padding-left: 20px;
-#menu li, li, {
+#menu li {
 	display: inline-block;
 	float: none;
-/*#menu a:link,
-#menu a:visited,*/ a:link, a:visited {
+#menu a:link,
+#menu a:visited {
 	padding: 5px 10px;
 	color: #fff;
 	text-decoration: none;
 	font-weight: bold;
-/*#menu a:active,
-#menu a:hover,*/ a:active, a:hover,
-.current_page_item > a:link,
-.current_page_item > a:visited {
+#menu a:active,
+#menu a:hover {
 	background: #fff;
 	color: #0971B3;
+#menu .current_page_item > a:link,
+#menu .current_page_item > a:visited {
+	background: #fff;
+	color: #000;
 #lb-bp-nav > li.current-menu-item {
 	background: #fff;


 #menu ul ul li, ul ul li {
 	position: relative;
+	width: 100%;
 #menu ul li:hover > ul, 
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