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File includes/wp-less/

 If you are using git to clone the repository do the following:
-    git clone git:// wp-less
-    git submodule update --init
+    git clone --recursive git:// wp-less
 If you are downloading the zip or tar don't forget to download the lessphp
 dependency too and copy it into the `lessc`
     return $vars;
-// pass variables into a specific .less file
-// in this case 'style' is the handle we enqueued the .less file with
-add_filter( 'less_vars_style', 'style_less_vars' );
-function style_less_vars( $vars ) {
-    $vars[ 'color' ] = '#ffffff';
-    return $vars;
 ## License
-The software is licensed under [WTFPL](
+The software is licensed under the [MIT Licence](