elbee-elgee / layouts / less / 3-columns-fixed-sb-right.less

Diff from to


- @containerwidth: 960px;
- @wrapperwidth: 100%;
- @primarysbwidth: 150px;
- @footerwidth: 100%;
-#container{width:@containerwidth;margin:0 auto}
-#lb-content{margin-right: @primarysbwidth * 2}
-#primarysb{float:left;width:@primarysbwidth;margin-left:-@primarysbwidth * 2}
+#container{.setwidth(@containerwidth, 960px);margin:0 auto}
+#wrapper{float:left;.setwidth(@wrapperwidth, 100%)}
+#lb-content{.marginr(@primarysbwidth * 2, 300px)}
+#primarysb{float:left;.setwidth(@primarysbwidth, 150px);.marginl(-@primarysbwidth * 2, -300px)}
+#secondarysb{float:left;.setwidth(@primarysbwidth, 150px);.marginl(-@primarysbwidth, -150px)}
+#footer{clear:left;.setwidth(@footerwidth, 100%)}
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