elbee-elgee / archives.php

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Doug Stewart avatarDoug Stewart
PHPDoc first pass plus some hook-izing of the post meta information.
Doug Stewart avatarDoug Stewart
Begin namespacing CSS.
Doug Stewart avatarDoug Stewart
Adding <div id="allwrapper"> to relevant templates; a bit of style work on the new style.
Doug Stewart avatarDoug Stewart
Additions for making archives.php not look polly-wolly-crappy.
Doug Stewart avatarDoug Stewart
Omnibus checkin - lots of stuff. Added template names to 404.php, archives.php, search.php, single.php. Moing towards menubar actually showing current locatio (Blog, pages, etc.). Altered comments.php slightly. Altered default-inverted.css to take menu changes into effect. I ''think'' that's all I did...
Doug Stewart avatarDoug Stewart
Added correct code so templates should get parsed correctly; added arl (Subtraction-style) archives; added checkbox functionality to functions.php.
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