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You have created a great and flexible template with Elbee Elgee! All this flexibility is causing some issues in trying to create a child theme.

WordPress and others, suggest creating a child template of an original so that if it gets updated, all custom changes won't get lost. This is a good idea. I tried to do that with Elbee Elgee and ran into some problems.

There is no problem with using a new style.css in the child directory and changes appear as expected. Where I ran into trouble was when I changed the size of the default text from 13px to 14px in style.css. All of a sudden, the blogtitle at the top wrapped in a strange place.

I found the css for that in the ng.css. I copied the whole style directory from the original template to the child directory and changed ng.css. I changed ng.css to make the blogtitle style smaller so it would fit better. Nothing changed. When I checked the page source, I noticed that the ng.css is hard linked in the page head. The only way I can see to get around the problem would be to copy all the ng.css styles into styles.css and then blank out ng.css. I would have to remember to do this each time the theme is updated.

As I see it, the problem comes from having multiple secondary stylesheets. I'm not a theme designer so what I suggest may not work. If you put the secondary stylesheets in the root directory of the original theme instead of in a sub-directory, would these be picked up in the child theme as well? Just a thought.


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