elbee-elgee / now-reading / tag.php

The default branch has multiple heads

<?php get_header(); ?>

<div class="content">
	<div id="content" class="narrowcolumn primary now-reading">
	<div class="post">
	<?php if( can_now_reading_admin() ) : ?>
		<p>Admin: &raquo; <a href="<?php manage_library_url() ?>">Manage Books</a></p>
	<?php endif; ?>
	<p><a href="<?php library_url() ?>">&larr; Back to library</a></p>
	<?php library_search_form() ?>
	<p>Viewing books tagged with &ldquo;<?php the_tag(); ?>&rdquo;:</p>
	<?php if( have_books("tag={$GLOBALS['nr_tag']}") ) : ?>
		<?php while( have_books("tag={$GLOBALS['nr_tag']}") ) : the_book(); ?>
			<li><a href="<?php book_permalink() ?>"><?php book_title() ?></a> by <a href="<?php book_author_permalink() ?>"><?php book_author() ?></a></li>
		<?php endwhile; ?>
	<?php else : ?>
		<p>Sorry, but there were no search results for your query.</p>
	<?php endif; ?>
	<?php do_action('nr_footer'); ?>

<?php get_sidebar() ?>

<?php get_footer() ?>
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