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         <h1>StackTack Demo</h1>
         <p>Below is a <a href="" target="_blank">StackOverflow question</a> that has been dynamically loaded from the StackApps API (Application Programming Interface) via <a href="" target="_blank">StackTack</a>. Only two of its answers are being displayed initially because an answer filter is being used.</p>
-        <div id="stacktack-518021" class="margin-medium width-600px filterAnswers-518038-518053"></div>
+        <div id="stacktack-518021" class="width-600px filterAnswers-518038-518053"></div>
-        <p>This question has a different width and is only displaying its accepted answer by using per-question overrides.</p>
-        <div id="stacktack-1227286" class="margin-medium width-900px onlyShowAcceptedAnswer-true"></div>
+        <p>This question is using the default width and is only displaying its accepted answer using a per-question override.</p>
+        <div id="stacktack-1227286" class="onlyShowAcceptedAnswer-true"></div>