Should be able to specify site in "Per-Question Options"

maximz2005 avatarmaximz2005 created an issue

Currently, the site can only be specified in global options. This means that all questions have to be from one Stack Exchange site.

I think it'd be better if it would be possible to set a global site and then be able to set a per-question site that overrides the global rule.

Should be an easy thing to implement and it would improve StackTack! :)

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  1. zamtools

    The plugin doesn't have to be global, you can feed it different selections:

    $('.stackoverflow-tack').stacktack({site: ''});
    $('.serverfault-tack').stacktack({site: ''});
    <div id="stacktack-12345" class="stackoverflow-tack"></div>
    <div id="stacktack-30303" class="serverfault-tack"></div>

    I originally wanted to have the site parameter able to be overridden, however there is no clean way to represent URLs in a class name used for overriding.

    Unless you can think of a good way to represent urls in a class name, I think the approach I detailed above will suffice for most situations.

  2. Nathan Osman

    I have forked StackTack over on GitHub ( and one of the changes I made was to make 'site' an instance-specific parameter (though it can still be specified globally and per-invocation).

    Here is an example:

    <div class="stacktack" data-site="stackoverflow" data-id="1732348" ></div>

    I've also made a few other changes, which I've documented on the GitHub page.

  3. Ian Zamojc

    (Reply via

    Thanks! These sound like many of the changes I wanted to do but never had the time.

    If we can get those back into bitbucket I'd gladly pull them into the mainline once I get a chance to test them.


    On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 9:06 PM, George Edison <>wrote:

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