Unable to filter questions with a single answer

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Issue #4 resolved
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First of, thanks for a really useful jQuery plugin, it is much appreciated.

Secondly, I just to make you aware of an issue I encountered while using your plugin. I was trying to display a StackkOverflow question with a single specific answer that is not the accepted answer. I used the following implementation: {{{ #!html

<div id="stacktack-1252335" class="filterAnswers-2250309"></div> }}}

However, instead of displaying the single answer I wanted, it displayed all answers (http://www.andyparkhill.co.uk/2010/08/sending-gmail-via-powershell.html). When I tried filtering on the same question using two answer IDs, only the two specified answers were displayed, as expected. Am I incorrectly calling the plugin, or is this an issue?

Thanks, MagicAndi.

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  1. Zamtools repo owner

    The code used parse overrides was treating a single filtered answer as a lone value, rather than an array. An explicit check has been added so that filteredAnswers are always wrapped in an array.

    The reason this was a hard error to catch was because the string generated by the single value also can be length() checked so no error was thrown when filteredAnswers wasn't an array.

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