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 This is a simple tutorial about how to use the CIL compiler frontend to do
 static and dynamic program analysis.
-Author: Zach Anderson (
+Author: Zach Anderson (
 1. Intro
 2. Building and Installing
-3. Documentation
-4. Files
-5. Citation
+3. Files
+4. Citation
 1. Intro:
 6. Let me know if I've missed any steps =)
-3. Documentation
-(This is to remind me how to build the docs in my private repo, and so they
-don't apply to the code under this tree. The documentation of which this section
-speaks will shortly be available at
-Dependencies for the documentation:
-. LaTeX
-. ocamlweb
-  - Ubuntu package: ocamlweb
-. highlight
-	- Ubuntu packages: highlight highlight-common
-	- Version 2.16 can be obtained for Mac OSX at:
-. Again, please let me know if I've forgotten anything
-Assuming you have installed these, doing:
-$ make
-will build docs/ciltut.pdf along with everything else.
-Pass --disable-docs to the configure script to disable document building.
-4. Files:
+3. Files:
 --------- - Edit the "MODULES =" line to add additional OCaml modules. Other
 LICENSE - All the code in this project is licensed under a standard 3-clause
 BSD license.
-5. Citation:
+4. Citation:
 If you use cil-template as a starting point for your project, please make the